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By Connecting to the Markoknow Network, You are given opportunities to learn, implement and Grow.
You get our Network and our support for all your endeavors. We try in our capacity to bring all the resources that can refine your idea and bring life to it.


We proudly take the initiative to connecting aspiring entrepreneurs to a lot of resources and peers to help them connect and grow. Check out the way to Connect.


The group is formed for people who have a knack for solving complex Startup and Business problems. A lot of Cases are Floated Regularly for you to solve and learn from them.

Aspiring Entrepreneur Community

The Group is for for people looking to interact with Peer Aspiring Entrepreneur Community and share their challenges and Learn from each others’ experience.

Resources &

This community is formed to help you reach the Super Content on Startups through articles and resources and regular startup updates.

Learn from the very best

Join us and we would Keep you updated with Workshops, Events, Case Studies and any practical opportunity to increase your scope for your Entrepreneurial journey.

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Entrepreneur are Welcomed